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5 Rabbit Beer Dinner Pairing

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 • 7:00 - 10:00pm

Howells & Hood
435 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

This event has passed, but check out our Beer Dinners page for our upcoming schedule

Howells & Hood is partnering with 5 Rabbit to bring you a unique craft beer dinner event

Our East Banquet Room will be filled with 7 stations, each showcasing a unique 5 Rabbit craft brew, paired with a mouth-watering selection from our Chefs. Additionally, a representative will be ready and waiting at each station to educate you on both.

To top it off, Randy Mosher, a nationally-recognized author and expert in the field of beer and brewing, will be onsite to give you some insight into the craft beer world. 



Meatball Sub, smoked tomato vindaloo, rosemary lemon ricotta
Beer Pairing: 5 Grass: great with tomato, and smoked notes; herbal to match meatballs and rosemary; enough hops to match fat

Toasted Farro Hummus, citrus cured salmon, and herb flatbread
Beer Pairing: 5 Rabbit: clean, uncomplicated flavors, with citrus notes; welcome with fish; hoppy enough to balance rich fish, but not be in conflict (fish oil + excessive bitterness = metallic tastes)

Duck Confit, Lincoln Log goat cheese, grapefruit shishito jam, toasted baguette
Beer Pairing: 5 Lizard: awesome with goat cheese/chevre; obvious common flavors with grapefruit; acidity of beer cuts richness of cheese and duck without overwhelming

Compressed Beets, whipped buttermilk bleu, curried spiced hazelnuts
Beer Pairing: Missionario: rich, yet delicate flavors need subtle beer to not overwhelm; beer's creaminess (from almonda) emphasizes cheese and nuts; winelike fruitiness enhances fruity aspect of beets

Big Ed’s Gouda Grilled Cheese, braised pork belly, smoked tomato jam
Beer Pairing: 5 Grass: great with tomato; plenty of hops to match fat in cheese and pork belly; smoky aspect a great combo with cheese and an obvious link to smoked tomato jam

BBQ Smoked Pork Shank Sandwich, cider ale mustard, sheep’s parmesan
Beer Pairing: Huitzi: strong enough to stand up to dish but not obscure delicate pork flavors; hibiscus and other fruity aromas harmonious with apples in mustard; light tannic finish + high carbonation should cut fat of cheese and belly; think of this one as like a wine (rose or pinot noir) pairing

Bitter Chocolate Mousse Shooter, bacon and pickled cherry jam
Beer Pairing: 5 Vulture: chocolatey and fruity notes from the chiles match ingredients; dry enough to cleanse palate of this rich dish