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Our Fans Deserve Rewards

Sign up and get $10 instantly. No obligations. Just rewards.


How It Works

Just Register a Card and Rack Up Rewards

It’s that simple. Pay your bill, earn rewards.

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Redeem points for favorite items and rewards.

  • $10 reward just for joining
  • Rewards you choose
  • $10 birthday gift
  • Hidden menu items
  • Monthly surprises

Track your progress in the app. Or don’t, it’s not required.


You Choose Rewards

Shop for what you want.

  • 25 points: soft drink
  • 50 points: side dish
  • 100 points: free dessert
  • 150 points: $15 off
  • 200 points: skip the waitlist
  • 400 points: free party platter

More rewards available in the Bottleneck Rewards app. Place orders, track rewards, redeem points, and more. Get the app via Apple or Google

Upload your RecEIpt

Don’t Want to Register a Card?

No problem! You can upload your receipt in the app instead. This works with cash too.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page.