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Sign Up for Rewards, Get $10 Instantly

Plus $20 for every $200 you spend. No obligations. Just rewards.


How It Works

Register a Credit or Debit Card, Get Rewards

It’s that simple. Pay your bill, earn rewards.

  • $10 just for joining
  • $20 for every $200 you spend
  • Birthday gift of $10 off your next purchase
  • Bonus rewards for referring friends
  • Special and exclusive offers

Track your progress in the app. Or don’t, it’s not required.

Have Friends? Get Rewarded for That Too!

Treat two friends to $5 and get $20 off your next purchase. On top of that, earn 50% extra progress for each friend that makes their first purchase.

Open the Bottleneck Rewards app, go to “Rewards” in the upper left-hand menu and click “Invite friends, get rewards.”

Upload your Reciept

Don’t Want to Register a Card?

No problem! You can upload your receipt in the app instead. This works with cash too.